School Chanchin tlangpui :

    Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education(MICE) hi kum 1988 February thla khan din a ni ve a, he school hian din chhan pawimawh tak tak a nei a, chungte chu -

1) Mizoram zirna chawikang tur leh India ram zirna tha te phak ve a siam.

2) India hnam inpumkhatna tihlawhtling turin.

3) India rama hna awm zawng zawng dil thei tura saptawng leh vaitawng thiam tak chher chhuah nan.

4) Education Main Stream hnuaia Hindi Education tha taka kalpui.

5) Nu leh pa ten India ram zirna tha pan a, phairam a sum tam tak seng a naupang an dah thin te tinep turin.



Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education(MICE) hian School hmun leh Building a la nei lova, tunah hian Venghlui ah Pu K.C Lalvunga(L) leh Proff.Siamkima(L) te inluah in a la awm mek a ni.



Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education(MICE) hi a tirah chuan Hindi Special School tih a ni a, he school hi Class - I atanga B.A thleng zirna tura ruahman a ni. Kum 1995-ah Pawl 12(Class - XII) hawn a ni a, kum 1998 ah B.A hawn leh a ni a, University Affiliation dil a niin, University lamin School-ah Affiliation an pek theih loh avangin Mizoram Sorkar chuan Mizoram Comprehensive School &

Degree College tiin a hming a thlak ta a. Nimahsela, kum 2000 atangin Degree College chin chu zirlai zawng zawng leh Lecturer zawng zawngte nen Government Aizawl College-ah dah fin an ni ta a. Kum 2001 atangin tuna a hming Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education hi a lo pu leh ta ani.



Kan school-ah hian tawng chi thum intiat veka hman a awm a, chungte chu English, Hindi leh Mizotawng te anni. Heng hi in zirtirna atan leh zirlaiah Compulsory a ni tel vek a . A vai hian intiat veka hman a ni.



Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education(MICE) hian 1990 atang khan Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Affiliation a nei a. Course of Study pawh CBSE in a siam ang ang hi a nih ang anga zawm vek a ni.



Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education(MICE) hian zirtirtu Post 27 a nei a. Chung zingah chuan 15 chauh a nghet an la ni a, a dang 12 te chu dah khah lohin a la awm a. Zirtirtu kan indaih lo thei hle a ni. Heng bakah hian Lecturer Higher Secondary School Post 24 kan nei a. Heng zingah hian Post 14 chu a nghetin an thawk mek a, a dang 10 te chu Contract Appointment a dah a lan ni, heng te hi regular a hnawhkhah a nih thuai kan beisei hle.



Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education(MICE) hian Library tha tak kan nei ve a, lehkhabu pawh 2,000 chuang lai kan nei thin a, tun dinhmunah hian sorkar atanga lehkhabu leina tur sum kan hmuh theih tak loh avangin harsatna kan tawk nasa hle a, zirlaite hman tangkai tur angin tunah hi chuan kan kalpui theih ta meuh lo a ni. Library Staff hi pahnih Dy. Librarian leh Attendence kan nei.



 School hmun hi New Capital Complex, Khatla-ah dil mek a ni a. hei hi kan thil mamawh lian ber pakhat a ni. Mahni School Building-a kan awm lo hi kan hmasawnna tur zawng zawng min ti chak lo tu ber pakhat a ni.

Tuna kan awmna Building hi duh angin a tha tawk lova, zirlai kan ngah bawk si avangin harsatna kan tawk lian hle a ni. Sorkar School ni si ah chuan keini lo hi mahnia hmun leh in neilo hi an vang viau awm e. Tin, kan sawi tawh angin Comprehensive a nih tlat avang hian a tlem tak tak theih lovah, zirlai kum leh pumrua intiat lo nen, hmun khata Function hmanna tur a awm lo nen, hei hian nasa takin kan School Discipline pawh a khawih tel thin a ni. A hmun leh Building ka neih hunah chuan nasa takin hma kan sawn ang tih hi kan ring nghet tlat a ni.



Mizorama Computer Elective Subject a (Arts & Science) zirlai te tana zir theihna awmchhun leh hmasa ber a ni, kum 1996 atang khan Class XI&XII(Arts & Sc) ah Computer Science Subject hi Elective Subject pakhat angin neih tan a ni. Kum 2008 khan Computer Literacy Excellence Award For School 2007 chu Mizoram State Government School atangin dawn a ni.



Class I to IV  -  English, Mizo, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, (S.S is taught in Hindi language) General Knowledge

Class V to VIII -  English, Mizo, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, Sanskrit

Class IX & X -   English, Mizo/Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science

Class XI & XII Arts  -   English, Mizo/Hindi, History, Political Science, Sociology, Computer Science, Psychology

Class XI & XII Science  -  English, Mizo/Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics



  1. The school conducts 2(two) Examination is an academic year.
  2. A students shall become eligible be promoted to higher class after sucessful  completion of  allpapers of the promotion exam.
  3. Astudents shall be allowed to repeat the failed paper(s) in the next examination  AISSE/AISSCE as a non-regular candidate.
  4. A student must appear in all the Project / Unit test which is adjusted by taking out 20% of Unit test and Project marks in the Promotion Exam.
  5. Projects, Practicals must be cleared in each subject. Failure in practical is considered as failed.
  6. Work Experience and General Studies exam is compulsory is the AISSE/AISSCE Examination.
  7. Students whose attendance is less than 75% are not eligible for Promotion Exam.



            Application for admission shall be issued duly filled up form, accompanied by relevant documents will be accepted. Selection of candidates for admission shall be conducted as per procedure prescribed by the school authority.

Fees  Structure : No monthly fees is taken as it as a Govt. institution. However, admission fees of Rs 100/- is taken in the Secondary and Senior Secondary section as per Govt. of Mizoram order.



            Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education (MICE) has a high profile and a long tradition under the active supervision of the teachers. NSS provides opportunities for students to take part in various activities. The NCC Unit, Evangelical Union, Consumer Union and Eco Club take active part.

            Apart from the regular clubs the school regularly organises school sports and takes part in the Mizoram School Games.



LIBRARY   :   The school has large numbers ofbooks. A wide range of Help books and reference books are available for use

LABORATORY   :   All the five departments Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Computer Science has seperate  rooms for experimental work.            



1.         Shirt                :           White (Class I - IV hlaf sleeves) (Class V - XII long sleeves)

2.         Pants/Skirts    :           Navy Blue

3.         Shoes              :           Leather Black

4.         Socks              :           Navy Blue with two red strips on the edge

5.         Sweater           :           Navy Blue with two red strips on the collar and arm

6.         T-Shirt             :          White with school logo

7.         Nectie             :           Navy Blue with two red strips



1.         Shirt                     :          Zofa

2.         School Bag          :           Open Market

3.         Exercise Book     :           Zofa

4.         Skirts                  :           Zofa

5.         T - Shirt              :           Zofa

6.         Belt                    :           Zofa

7.         Text Book          :           Zofa 

8.         Nectie                :           Zofa 

9.         Dairy                  :           School

10.       I/D                     :           School



*          Students Merit Award is given to first three positioners is the Annual Exam and AISSCE and AISSE.

*          Post Matric Scholarship, Pre Matric Scholarship, Merit and Special Scholarship and Book Grant are awarded to deserving students.