As resolved in the meeting of the Teaching and the Non -Teaching Staff of the Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education (M.I.C.E.) held on thisFourth day of February, 2011, we, the employees of the said Institution do hereby constituted 'Staff Welfare Committee' to look into the matter and welfare of both the Staff and the students. The term of office of the elected Office Bearers and the appointed Executive Members of the Staff Welfare Committee from the various sections of the Institution viz., Higher Secondary, High School, Middle School, Primary School and the Non-Teaching Staff respectively, shall be One (1) year.


(Aims & Objectives)

1.       To look into the welfare benefits of both the Staff and the students.

2.      To promote better working relations between the teaching staff, teaching and non-teaching staff,
          teachers and students.

3.       To enhance, uplift and develop the school in every possible way.

4.       To train the students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become a responsible,
           productive, effective and accountable person.


 1.       The membership of this Staff Welfare Committee shall consist of all the staff of the Institution subject to
            payment of Welfare Fund.

              2.       Membership shall automatically terminate upon leaving the Institution by any reason  whatsoever, and
                        shall not liable to pay the Welfare Fund.

              3.       The rate of Welfare Fund is hereby fixed and shall be paid as follows -

                        Regular EmployeesRs.100            Contract EmployeesRs.70

 4.      The Staff Welfare Account shall be properly maintained by the Treasurer of the Committee in such a way
           that it should always be ready for Annual Audit and  whenever necessary. Provided that he/she is
           expected to give Financial Report/Statement at every meeting of the Staff Welfare Committee.
           Students' Welfare Fund  should be collected from the students at the time of admission and  shall be
           maintained in a separate Account Book.

                ARTICLE - III

Section - A (Celebratory Occasions)

1.       The Ceremonial occasions of every member staff should be attended/supported as follows:

                            a)      The wedding Ceremony/Celebration of member staff should be attended, if invited.    

                            b)      A sum of Rs.5,000should be given as facilitations from the Welfare Fund.

                            c)      All members staff should attend the Wedding Ceremony, if such a function is organised.

  d)      The wedding ceremony/celebration of the Staff Welfare member's son(s)/daughter (s), laying of
          burial monument programme, graduation ceremony etc., should be attended and felicitated, if


                           Section - B (Transfer/Pension/Promotion)

                           2.       Farewell function of member(s) staff on transfer/pension/promotion should be organised
                                     in the following manner:

a)       Transfer - If any member staff is leaving the Institution on transfer, a farewellfunction should be
          organised at the Institute where a sum of Rs.3,000will be given as a farewell gift.

                          b)      Pension - If any member staff is on superannuation pension should be given  a Farewell Citation
                                    and a sum of Rs.5,000 as a farewell gift.

c)       Promotion - If any member staff is leaving the Institution on promotion should  be given  a
          Farewell Citation and a sum of Rs.3,000 as a farewell gift.

                          d)       A farewell function(s) of the above cases should be organised with the students accordingly.

                          e)       Upon termination of membership due to Transfer/Pension/Promotion or by any other reasons
                                    whatsoever, whatever the amount of money a member staff has deposited as Welfare Fund
                                    should be returned to him/her as it is, if paid less than Two (2) years.


                            Section - C (Death Occasions)

                           3.  On the death of member (s) staff - respect, sympathy and compassion should be shown in the
                                following ways:

a)         When a member (s) staff pass away, the funeral ceremony should be attended along with the
            students by closing the school if the house of the deceased member is not too far. A bouquet
            worth not more than Rs.800 should be placed on his/her coffin and a sum of Rs.20,000will be
            given to the bereaved family as a condolence.

b)         If the spouse/biological parents (mother &father)/Children (sons & daughters ofthe same roof)
            of the member staff pass away, the funeral ceremony should be attended by all the Welfare
            Staff members, if not too far.A bouquet worth not more than Rs.800should be placed on his/her
            coffin and a sum of Rs.5,000 will be given to the bereaved family as a condolence.

             Provided that the funeral ceremony of Welfare Staff member's biological brother/sister/
             grandparents of the same roof, should also be attended, if not too far.

c)         To attend the funeral ceremony of the member staff relatives, section of the staff classes will
             be suspended, other sections are expected to make arrangement for their own convenience
             without suspending their respective classes.

d)         If any member staff has a legally adopted son/daughter with a document(s) proved from the
            Government shall be treated as their own son/daughter and  shall be entitled to the conditions
            mentioned in Article - III Section - C 3. (b).

e)         If any member staff becomes seriously ill, disabled/handicapped due to accident or met with
             any ill fate, his/her situation will be looked into by the Executive Committee and will be given
             aid accordingly.




(Students Welfare Benefits)

Student Welfare Fund: A sum of Rs.100for High School & Higher Secondary sections and Rs.50 for
Middle School & Primary School sections
shall be collected at the time of admission. Additional sum of money for the Fund may be collected
during the academic session, if and when necessary.

Section - A (Death Occasion)

a)       Students whose name(s) is in the Attendance Register at the time of death excluding the
          dropouts shall be regarded as student(s) and shall be eligible for the conditions mentioned in
          Article - IV.

                          b)      If such student(s) pass away, a bouquet worth not more than Rs.800shall be placed on his/her
                                   coffin in the name of the Institution.

                          c)       A consolatory remarks/condolence speech (an eulogy) shall be made by the Institution
                                   representative at the  funeral, in possible.

d)      A condolence and commemoration programme should be organised either at the home of the
         deceased or innthe Institutionat the earliest convenience. Rs.5,000shall be given to the
         deceased family as a condolence gift.    

e)       All the Staff members and classmates of the deceased shall attend the funeral. Apart from
          his/her classmates students who should attend the funeral will be decided by the teachers.


                          Section - B (Condolence/Funeral of the students' parents)

a)       Condolence service for the parents of any student should be organised either at the  school
          or home of the student.A condolence gift of Rs.3,000should be given at the programme

b)       In case of death of a parents, the classmates of the students and the teachers convenient at
          the time, shall attend the funeral. A bouquet worth not more than Rs.800shall be placed on
          the coffin.

c)       Any student who met any kind of ill fate will be given aid as decided by the executive committee.


                          Section - C (Award)

                          1. If any student receives a Certificate of Merit from the Central Board of Secondary Education
                              (C.B.S.E.) in the Board Examination,he/she will be given a Cash Award ofm Rs.1,000 in the
                              Assembly specially organised for them.

                          2.  If any student receives prize(s) at the Board Examination and prize(s) at the Competition/Olympiad
                               organised by the Board shall be given a Citationof felicitation along with a cash prize of Rs.1,000
                               by the Institution.



 (Miscellaneous and Amendment)

            1.  All the rules and regulations mentioned in the articles are subjected to Amendment by the Staff
                 Welfare General Body Meeting.
            2. The method of electing the Office Bearers of the Staff Welfare Committee shall be determined by
                the Executive Committee every year,as and when necessary.

                         3.  Principal of the Institution shall be an Ex-Officio in the Staff Welfare Committee and   therefore,
                              shall not be elected as any one of  the Office Bearers of the Staff Welfare  Committee.

                         4.  Election of the Office Bearers for Staff Welfare Committee shall be held annually in the month of

                         5.  In case of any misunderstanding with regards to the interpretation of the rules and regulations of
                              the Staff Welfare Committee, the opinion of the Executive Committee in consultation with the
                              Principal shall be final and accepted.

            6. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for giving information to its members with regards
                to the various occasions mentioned in Article - III and Article - IV.

            7.  If any elected member could not complete his/her term by any reason whatsoever, the Executive
shall make necessary arrangement and appoint other member to fill up the vacant post.

            8. Upon termination of this Staff and Students Welfare Committee by any reason whatsoever, the
                Committeeshall relinquish all financial assets and its properties to the Institution.