Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education (MICE) School is situated in the heart of Aizawl and can be reached from all corners of Aizawl. As such, proper disaster management steps can be expected to be carried out in case of disaster mishap in the school. Since the school is a rented private building,the school is not in a one compact big building. But the school rented five buildings which are in  close approximity with space in each building and even though there are more than 800 student, It is possible to take measures easily in case of disaster emergency. Disaster management plan has been made according to the following points-

  1. MICE School compound had two safety zone of 20 metres space which can accommodate all the students
  2. In case of disaster, from the two safety zones, arrangement can be made to move the students to a more secured space to Mr R.Liantlinga MLA’s compound which is only 50 metres from the school compound.
  3. In case of disaster emergency, Fire and emergency services and disaster rescue workers can reach the school immediately since the school is approachable from four main roads and also through the steps from Treasury square.
  4. Since disaster can happen anytime, proper measures has been taken and arrangement has been made by the school to ensure the safety of all the students. The two areas are termed as safety sone I and II and it has been arranged that safety sone I will accommodate Class I to Class VIII students and safety zone II will accommodate Class IX to Class XII students. Arrangement is also made that while leaving the classroom students could go in line and to avoid students going rampant and collision, all the students are divided into different groups.
  5. Since the school students are of different age group, arrangement has been made where alder and higher students will  take care of the younger and lower class students and they will ensure the safety of the younger students from the lower classes.
  6. In each class, 10 phisically well built and fit boys are selected and training has been given to these boys to take care of the weaker and female students. At the same time the school selected 20 students and give them training in First Aid and treatment of the disaster victim and also First Aid Kit and medicines are kept where it can be reached easily by anyone.
  7. The school also appoint some of the teaching and non-teaching staff to give awareness among the students and they will go to each classroom and teach and inform them in details the do’s and don’ts of disaster management.






   School Disaster Management Committee

Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education

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