A meeting of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of Mizoram Institute of Comprehensive Education on 4th Feb., 2011 decided on the formation of Staff Welfare. This Welfare is expected to look into the Welfare of the Students as well. The following members are appointed to lead the Committee for a period of one year and they will also appoint a Committee members from different sections of the School.


Chairman              :           Mr. Lungngailova Colney, Vice - Principal

Vice - Chairman    :           Mr.K._

Secretary              :           Mrs. Malsawmdingliani

Asst. Secretary     :           Miss Patsy Hmingsangliani

Treasurer              :           Mr. Vanlalhmuaka Sailo

Fin. Secretary       :           Mr. Vanlalzuata


Committee Members :


1)   Mrs. Rosemary Zoramengi                 (2)        Mrs. Sita Devi

3)   Mr. Bishnu Deo Sharma                     (4)        Mrs. Zosangluaii

5)   Mr. Zionparlawma


Ex – Officio           :           Mr. Dohmingthanga, Principal




  1. To look into the Welfare of staff and students.
  2. To promote better working relationship between members of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.
  3. To look into the Welfare of the School.
  4. To inculcate all round development among the students.




  1. Anyone working in the school and paying Welfare Fund becomes a member.
  2. Any staff who leaves the school will stop paying Welfare Fund and automatically terminates his / her membership.
  3. Welfare Fund for Regular and Contract employees should be paid as follows :

Group A     -           Rs.100/-

Group B     -           Rs.70/-

Group C    -           Rs.50/-

Group D    -           Rs.30/-

  1. The Staff Welfare Account should be maintained properly by the Staff Welfare Treasurer and should always be made available for Audit. Welfare Accounts Audit should be done once every year and a Finance(Financial) report should be made (available) at every staff Meeting. Students Welfare Fund should be maintained in a separate Account book and should be collected at the time of School Admission.






  1. All staff members are expected to attend the Wedding Celebration of any member of the Welfare, when invited.
  2. A sum of Rs.5000/- will be gifted from Welfare Fund.
  3. All staff members are expected to attend the Wedding Ceremony, if such a function is organized.
  4. Celebrations of Good Fortune e.g. Weddings of Children of Welfare Members, Erection of Memorial stone, etc. should be attended by members when invited.




  1. When any member of the Welfare is leaving the School on transfer, a farewell function should be organized in the school. Where a sum of Rs.3000/- will be given as a farewell gift.
  2. Any member leaving the school on pension should be presented a sum of Rs.5000/- along with Citation Frame as farewell gift.
  3. When any member of the Welfare is leaving the school on Promotion he/she should be presented a sum of Rs.3000/- along with Citation as farewell gift.
  4. Any farewell function should be organized with the students, if possible.





  1. When a staff pass away, a sum of Rs.20,000/- will be given to his/her family as condolence. A bouquet worth around Rs.500/- should be placed on his/her coffin. If the house of staff is not too far, students should also be brought along to attend the funeral.
  2. In case of the death of any close relatives i.e. Spouse, Parents and Children (living under same roof) a sum of Rs.5000/- will be given as condolence. A bouquet worth around Rs.300/- should be placed on the coffin. All Welfare members are expected to attend the funeral service, if possible.
  3. If any staff has a legally adopted son/daughter, he/she will be entitled to the conditions mentioned in Section C (b).
  4. If any staff becomes seriously ill, accidentally disabled or met with any ill – fate, his/her situation will be looked into by the Executive Committee and will be given aid according to his/her circumstances.




Students Welfare Fund : Students Welfare Fund of Rs.50/- will be collected at the time of admission. An additional sum will be collected, if and when the need arises.


SECTION – A (Death Occasion)


  1. Only students whose names are in the School Attendance Register will be eligible for the conditions mentioned in Article – IV.
  2. A bouquet worth around Rs.500/- will be placed on the coffin.
  3. If possible a speech of condolence (an eulogy) shall be made by the school representative at the funeral service.



  1. All the staff members must attend the funeral service. Apart from the Classmates of the deceased, students who should attend the funeral will be decided by the teachers.
  2. Condolence programme should be organized either at the home of the deceased or in the school, at the earliest convenience. A condolence gift of Rs.5000/- will be given at this time.


SECTION – B      Condolence / Funeral Service for Students Family


  1. Condolence Service for the parents of any student should be organized either at the school/home of the student. A condolence gift of Rs.3000/- should be given at this time.
  2. Any student who met with any kind of ill – fate will be given aid as decided by the Executive Committee.
  3. In case of the death of a parent, the Classmates of the student and teachers convenient at the time, shall attend the funeral. A bouquet worth Rs.300/- shall be placed on the coffin.


SECTION – C          Regarding Goodwill


  1. If any student receives Certificate of Merit from Central Board Of Secondary Examination, he/she will be gifted a cash award of Rs.1000/- in the School Assembly.
  2. If any student receives any prize from the Board or any competition/Olympiad, he/she will be presented a citation and a cash prize of Rs.1000/- by the School.




  1. All the rules and regulations mentioned in the articles are subjected to Amendment by the General Body Meeting.
  2. All staff members are eligible for nomination as Office Bearers of the Committee. The Principal will function as Ex-officio member if he is not elected.
  3. Election should be held every year during the month of January.
  4. In case of any misunderstanding of the rules and regulations, the explanation given by the Executive Committee, under the guidance of the Principal, shall be accepted.
  5. The Executive Committee will be responsible for giving any information regarding the cases mentioned in the article.
  6. If any elected member could not complete his/her term, the Executive Committee will appoint a new member and make necessary changes.
  7. If, for any reason, the Staff & Students Welfare Committee is dissolved, all its properties will be automatically turned over to the school.